from the publisher

I am writing with great pleasure from my office in Somerville, MA, to introduce another side of younger. It is a new literary magazine published particularly for senior citizens, offered free to everyone with an appetite for fresh writing, and written by writers 21 years of age and younger. Online, another side of younger may be accessed at It is published by Happening Publications, a noncommercial press which has been working since 2003 to expand the reach of deserving young creative writers. Online subscriptions are free and may be entered by sending an email (, subject line: subscription.

Our writers request, "If you like our magazine, please subscribe, so we know you are interested." Our publication is supported by voluntary administration and donated resources. (At age 70 I am grateful to be alive and able to pursue and share my vocational productivity independently of the need to earn a living.)

During years of directing creative writing workshops and publishing ventures with students, I have avidly read and enjoyed writing by kids and young adults. As I continued into present time to read writers much younger than myself, the aura of their words convinced me of their worthiness to be imparted.

Mission impossible?

I'll share some recent history with you. This past fall, lacking a publicity budget but with time on our hands, we took a chance and compiled the email addresses of many hundreds of individuals affiliated with senior citizen centers and retirement organizations, in several sample states, for a “cold contact” emailing to publicize our unique offering. We have already heard from many readers in our ultimate target audience, among whom are grandmas, grandpas, former schoolteachers and others who love to read. They have been very kind in their comments. I am encouraged beyond expectations, that we will continue to find more welcoming readers.

On behalf of our young writers, I am grateful for your moments and hopeful for your consideration. With very best wishes for your health, safety, and better days ahead,

Alan Ball Blydenburgh