instructions for contributors

Happening Publications welcomes submissions to another side of younger from writers 21 years of age or younger. There is no submission, reading, agency, entry, publishing, or any other fee of any kind. Submissions should be emailed to

First publication. Original, previously unpublished poetry and fiction, as well as critique, memoirs, essays and other forms of nonfiction are eligible for consideration. Work should not be under the consideration of another publisher while it is being considered for another side of younger with the exception of school publications assuming that republication or simultaneous publication is allowed by the school publication. In all cases it is the responsibility of the author to maintain the availability of the submitted work until it is accepted or declined by the publisher (Happening Publications) and to inform the publisher of status changes including withdrawal of the submission.

Republication. Writing in all the above categories that has been previously or will be concurrently published only in a school or noncommercial, limited circulation periodical or in the author’s self-publication is also permitted to be submitted and considered for publication in another side of younger, if allowed by the other publisher, and should be accompanied by a statement of the particulars as described below.

Submission requirements. Submissions should include author’s full name, age, a statement that the submitted work is the author’s sole and original work, and a statement as to whether 1) it is unpublished and not under consideration elsewhere or, 2) it has been published or is under consideration in a school or limited issue publication whose title should be given and that named publication permits re-publication of the work, or, 3) it has been self-published.

Understandings of consideration. In all cases publication is at the discretion of Happening Publications. Writers are advised that a limited percentage of submitted material may be accepted for publication but we are grateful for the privilege to consider your best work. In the event of publication by Happening Publications, future republication rights remain the property of the author. Acknowledgment of another side of younger as first publisher is requested.

Review panel. Submitted work will be extended the courtesy of peer review by Happening Publications’ review panel whose recommendations will inform the decisions of the publishers. The review panel consists of reviewers who are age 21 and younger who volunteer their time, which makes their work eligible as community service for listing on their resume and college and work applications. Those interested in serving as a reviewer should send an email briefly mentioning their background and interest to, including their age and school as applicable.

Payment. There is no payment for work published electronically in another side of younger. If a print edition is published, each contributor shall receive one printed contributor’s copy.