about Happening publications

Happening Publications has been helping kids to write and publish since 2003. We (including myself and the young writers and other adults participating with me) have been conducting writing workshops and assisting young writers in the publication of school newspapers/magazines and farther-reaching publications for as many years. In a long, previous career I was a professional medical journalist among whose primary responsibilities was the conduct of the peer review and editorial process for academic medical journals. I also have experience in editing and publishing general readership (i.e. grown-up) literary magazines. I have taught part-time for over 15 years in elementary after school programs in Somerville and Malden, Massachusetts, and have enjoyed stints as a substitute classroom teacher! In addition to school newspapers, Kid! and its spinoff, 12!, we publish Happeningnow. everywhere, a literary-pop magazine for young teen through young adult writers and readers. I am founder and director emeritus of Writers’ Den (now directed by Cara Feinberg), which is a voluntary extracurricular weekly writing workshop for middle school students from any school. Since 2015, I have been working in close collaboration with Roy Gardner and Chris Mitchell, Somerville Public Schools 7-8th grade ELA teachers, in publishing sps 7.8, a literary magazine exclusively for the writings of SPS 7th and 8th graders.

another side of younger is the latest manifestation of our efforts to expand the readership of young writers. By devoting a magazine of quality teen writings to promote to a senior citizen audience, online and free of charge, we hope to crack through barriers that have kept our writers from being read.

This enterprise is a noncommercial labor of love, meaning that our motivation is not making money, to which we have so far been true! If we ever figure a way to make money from this, we'll have our writers share in the bounty, for sure.

Alan Ball Blydenburgh, publisher alanballg@gmail.com